Randolph Scott - Santa Fe, NM - Portraits of America Project, Walt Disney Co. w/Greg Gorman

Elliott Stone - Dutch Speaking, Tuvan Throat Singing Traveler and Generally Interesting Person

Calling Home - Roosevelt, Texas

Kayak - San Marcos River

Aaryn Gries - Gries Ranch Company, Pandale, Texas

Aaryn Gries - Gries Ranch Company, Pandale, Texas

Aaryn Gries - Gries Ranch Company - Pandale, Texas

Musician at Wedding - Northern Italy

St. Mark's Square -Venice, Italy

Window Dressing - Venice, Italy

Butcher - In a Gas Station Garage, Wyoming

Texas Independence Day - Booth Ranch, Travis County, Texas

Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena, Colombia

Gunnar Latham - Musician and Cowboy Roper

Claudio - High in the Bolivian Andes

Cowboy Rodeo - Western Oregon

School - Amazonia, Brazil

Recess Footwear - Amazon - Amazonia, Brazil

David Heisler - Graduation Portrait - San Marcos, Texas

Amish Work Horses  - Eastern Pennsylvania

Berean James Auden - Rock House, Big Bend National Park

The Breihan's - San Marcos, Texas

Gothic Rentala Portrait - San Marcos. Texas

Christine and Pekka Rintala - Final Custom Portrait - San Marcos, Texas

Catherine Bach - Mendocino, California

Little League - San Marcos, Texas

Chay Engleman - South Padre Island, Texas

Dr. Elizabeth Peacock - Travis County Medical Examiner

Dr. Charles Soechting - San Marcos, Texas

Homeless Man's Self Portrait - Macon, Georgia

Erik Sailors - US Marine

Friendly Goat - Random Fourteener, Colorado

Bourbon Country - Kentucky

Jon Arredondo -San Marcos, Texas

Alex Dillon - Alaska

Random Lunch - New York City

Ferrier - San Marcos, Texas

Brothers in Reflection - San Marcos, Texas

Chris Davis - San Marocs, Texas

Not So Random Cowboy - Marfa, Texas

Berean Auden - Big Bend National Park

Sheep Dog -Tuscany, Italy

Cigar from Afar - Cedar Street, Austin, Texas

Benjamin Lewis - Studio, San Marcos, Texas

Benjamin Lewis - Studio - San Marcos, Texas

Street Performer - Dayton, Ohio

Austin Restaurant Association Chef Portraits Project - Austin, Texas

J. Seward Johnson - Artist, Philanthropist - Times Square, NYC

J. Seward Johnson - Artist, Philanthropist - Times Square, NYC

Lee Blain - Director - Frank Capra Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Carmelo's - Austin Restaurant Association Chef Portraits Project, Austin, Texas

Me - Mendocino, California

Michael Miller - Studio, San Marcos, Texas

Fisherman - Island of Navarino, Chile

Greg Gorman, Richard Knapp - Mendocino, California

Soldier - Studio, San Marcos, Texas

Colombian Tourist - Studio, San Marcos, Texas

Ryan Larsen Davis - Banyon Trees, Maui

Randolph Scott - Texas Independence Day

Young Roper - Ranch Rodeo - Sonora, Texas

Buckaroo Bonsai - Comfort, Texas

It's a Sign - Carson City, Nevada

Sean's Metal Band - San Antonio, Texas

Jacob Martin - Drainage Culvert with Big Sky - San Marcos, Texas

Stephen and Tatiana - Jamaica

Mayoral Candidate John Thomaides - San Marcos, Texas

Vanessa Branch - Actress, Pirates of the Caribbean - Malibu, California

Washek Pfeifer - Mathematician Extraordinaire - Mendocino, California

Windmill Will Martin - 6'4" on my Windmill - San Marcos, Texas

Jesse - Studio, San Marcos, Texas

Wrangler - Public Art, New York City

Will Matrin with Terri Hendrix - San Marcos, Texas

Me - Hiking to Salto Grande at Torres Del Paine Parque Nacional, Chile

Little League - San Marcos, Texas

National Geographic's Sam Abell with MP5 - at ALERRT, San Marcos, Texas

Sewell Park - San Marcos River, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas

Who Knows What's Up? - Hana Highway, Maui, Hawaii

Russo - Honomu, Hawaii

Noddin - Spanish Steps - Rome, Italy

Hot Day - Central Sicily, Italy

Me - Chicken in White Wine Sauce with currants, fresh seedless grapes and almonds - White mushroom rice with a Pink Grapefruit and Avocado Salad - and the very best wine - Mendocino, California

Ben - Studio, Mendocino, California

Catherine Bach - con Vino, Mendocino, California

Cape Flats - Capetown, South Africa

Cape Flats - Capetown, South Africa

Cape Flats - Capetown, South Africa

School - Capetown, South Africa

Kiddo - Capetown, South Africa

Alex Dillon with Christopher Atkins - Los Angeles, California

Alex Dillon with Rainbow Trout - Carson River, Nevada

Shepherd - Cochabamba Highway, Bolivia

Shepherd - Cochabamba Highway, Bolivia

Eliott Stone During Full Moon - Austin, Texas

Spirit of 45 - New York City

Erik Sailors -  Studio, San Marcos, Texas

Marlboro Man - Cattle Drive - Cody, Wyoming

New York City Police Officer - NYC

Brad Mason - Studio, San Marcos, Texas

One Nighter Farewell - Leidseplein, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Pero con Ojos Azul - Chiloe, Chile

Saint Peter's Cathedral - Rome Italy

Mercado - Andes in Bolivia

On The Front Line - Chimore, Bolivia

Papoose - Andes in Bolivia

Smart Fellow - Andes in Bolivia

Ace Pepper - Iconic Guitar - San Marcos, Texas

Random Young Lady - China Town - San Francisco, California

Street Musician - China Town - San Francisco, California

Restauranteur - Little Italy - San Francisco, California

On The Bus - San Francisco, California

Pelone - Mardi Gras Parade - San Marcos, Texas

Roller Red Roller - MardiGras Parade - San Marcos, Texas

Kayak - San Marcos River - San Marcos, Texas

Joshua Yanity - USAF  Studio, San Marcos, Texas

Christopher Moor - Big Bend National Park

Adam Stockstill - Santa Fe, New Mexico

Jacob - While His Mom Wasn't Looking! - Long Island, New York

Local - Venice, Italy

Fighting Fire - Killeen, Texas

Horse - Near Stonewall, Texas

Canoe Kid - on the Amazon - Manaus, Brazil

Who Knew? - San Francisco, California

Long Time Portrait Photographer - Times Square, New York

Alex Dillon Welding - San Marcos,Texas

Kather Prather - San Marcos, Texas

Kathy Prather - San Marcos, Texas 

Jude and Kathy Prather - San Marcos, Texas

Coyote - Yosemite Valley, California

Jessica - Studio, San Marcos

Jessica - Studio, San Marcos,Texas

Ryan Davis - TB Decades - San Marcos, Texas

Capetown, South Africa

South Africa

South Africa

South Africa

South Africa

Cape Flats - Capetown, South Africa

Cape Flats - Capetown, South Africa

Cape Flats - Capetown, South Africa - the most dangerous place I have ever been.

Taylor Annual Report - Taylor, Texas

Derreck Lance -Portrait - San Marcos,Texas

Random American Fellow in Pennsylvania in his workshop.

Little League - San Marcos, Texas

Jeffery Scott Boruff - Last Portrait

James Hand - Booth Ranch - Travis County, Texas

Nils Venge - Legendary Wine Maker know as "The King of Cabernet" - Napa Valley, California

Noah - Mendocino, California

Wayne Gretzky - MOVE event in Santa Barbara, California

Random - Times Square - New York City

A Man Is Judged by the Company He Keeps - San Francisco, California

Lost Boy of Sudan - Pennsylvania 

Rodeo Cowboy - Comfort, Texas

Cafe Du Monde - New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana

Mike Miller - Most In Shape Award - San Marcos, Texas

Mike Millar - Paramount Theatre - Austin, Texas

Random - somewhere in the mountain near Taos, New Mexico

Texas Independence Day - Booth Ranch - Travis County, Texas 

Berean Auden - Marfa, Texas

Bull Elephant - South Africa

Mother's Day is Every Day - Venice, Italy

Vaquero - Southern Chile

Me - Carlito - Big Bend National Park

Sandy and Andy Grimmer - Wedding - Kyle, Texas

Sandy and Andy Grimmer - Wedding - Kyle, Texas

Sandy and Andy Grimmer - Wedding - Kyle, Texas

Me - Building my 1915 Sixteen Foot Aerator F602 Windmill - San Marcos, Texas 78666

Moose - Copper River, Alaska

Trio - Beartooth Ranch - Cody, Wyoming

Me- Playing with Missile - USS Eisenhower, Bomb Bay

Monday - Amazon, Brazil

Butterflies - Amazon, Brazil

Pink Dolphin - Amazon River, Brazil

Chores - Amazon River, Brazil

Fishing - Amazon River, Brazil

Amazon River - Brazil

Fishermen - Amazon River, Brazil

Fisherman - Amazon River, Brazil

Siesta - Amazon River, Brazil

Senor - Amazon River, Brazil

Monkey - Amazon River, Brazil

Pink Dolphin - Amazon River, Brazil

Jon Christian Buclaw - DJ Kryst - Albuquerque, New Mexico

Texas State Hot Babes Calendar - San Marcos, Texas

Texas State Hot Babes Calendar - San Marcos, Texas

Texas State Hot Babes Calendar - San Marcos, Texas

Texas State Hot Babes Calendar - San Marcos, Texas

Kylan at San Angelo State Bonfire - San Angelo, Texas

Me - at a Party in LA

Me - Can't say more on this one

Me - Shuttle Launch, Cape Canaveral, Florida

Me - Permit Fishing - Key West, Florida

Me - now that's me!

Luckenbach, Texas

George Edward Gries - Gries Ranch Company, ValVerde Co. Texas

Jeffery Scott Boruff and Alex Dillon - San Marcos, Texas

Jeffery Scott Boruff - Studio - San Marcos, Texas

Me- Repairing Sail on the Divide Mill - Gries Ranch Company, ValVerde Co. Texas

Austin Fire Department Cadet Training - Austin, Texas

Jeffery Scott Boruff - San Marcos, Texas

Jim Neuhaus - San Marcos, Texas

Gregory Bonnet - Ford Model - San Marcos, Texas

In My Tool Bag - San Marcos, Texas

Bumble Bee - Tacoma, Washington

Me - Mendocino, California

Albion River Inn - Albion, California

Gigantor fading in the Sun - Air Show - San Marcos Airport - San Marcos, Texas

Gunnar Latham - Cheatham Street Warehouse - San Marcos, Texas

Store Keeper - Western Panama

Bugs in the Snow - My Once Ball Chasing Dog - San Marcos, Texas

Garden Spider on Orchid - San Marcos, Texas

Bison in the Snow - Yellowstone National Park

Mane - Western Yellowstone

Baby Moose - Denali Highway, Alaska

Graham Rice - Studio - San Marcos, Texas

Larry Arledge - "Uncle Larry" - ValVerde County, Texas

Lion - Gries Ranch - ValVerde County, Texas

Don Reeves - Architect - San Diego, California

Matt Sergi - As Himself - San Marcos, Texas

Kid and Hammock - Amazonia, Brazil

Palm Sunday - Key West. Florida

Ben Bonnet - Ford Model - New York

Lost At Sea - Mud Flats - Key West, Florida

Still Passed Out and Still Alive - 11am - Maui, Hawaii

Surf n Turf - Maui, Hawaii

Gnary a Smile - My Highest Hiked Elevation 17,634 ft. Andes, Bolivia

Cocaine Checkpoint - Chapari, Bolivia

Window Shopping - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Old Fort Jackson - Savannah, Georgia

David - Santa Fe, New Mexico

Kirk Adam Stockstill - Studio - San Marcos, Texas

Brett Jones - USS Eisenhauer

Jack C. Hays - San Marcos, Texas

Drug Surveillance - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Junkie/Dealer - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Handoff - Amsterdam, Netherlands

McDonalds - Portrait - San Antonio, Texas 

McDolanlds - Portrait - San Antonio, Texas

Texas Independence Day - Booth Ranch, Austin, Texas

Berean James Auden - Big Bend National Park

San Francisco - Speaks for Itself

Tattoo Tattoo - Hilo, Hawaii

Ryan Davis - Santa Fe

Catherine - Portrait - San Marcos, Texas

Texas Independence Day 

Random Fellow at Beach - South Padre Island, Texas

Studio - San Marcos, Texas 

Ryan Nicola - Mendocino, California

SethWeiss - Studio - San Marcos, Texas

Steve Rodrigue - Santa Fe, New Mexico

Seward Johnson with Paula Stoeke - Key West, Florida

Randolph Scott - Philmont, New Mexico

Airborne Jump Training - Joint Base Camp Bullis, San Antonio, Texas

Brad Neuhaus - Studio - San Marcos, Texas

Mounted Patrol - McDonald's - New York City

Shabbat - San Marcos, Texas

Porcupine - Wyoming

Pronghorn - Wyoming

Pronghorn - Wyoming

Me - Mardi Gras nParade - San Marcos, Texas

Kirk Adam Stockstill

Brian To - Studio - Santa Fe, New Mexico

Carol Keeton Rylandeer with Gunnar Latham and Jeffery Latham - Austin, Texas

George W. Bush, Gunnar Latham, Jeffery Latham - Austin, Texas

James Babb - RockSprings Rodeo, Texas

James Babb - RockSprings Rodeo, Texas

Ranch Rodeo - RockSprings, Texas

Adam O'Neill - Studio - San Marcos, Texas

Benjamin Millar - Vancouver Island - BC Canada

Jack Ingram - Gruene, Texas

Alex Dillon - Paramount Theatre, Austin, Texas

"Yawn" from Holland

Musician - Pikes Fish Market - Seattle, Washington

NY's Finest - Times Square, New York City

Infrared Portrait - Studio - San Marcos, Texas

SEAL - White Sand National Monument, New Mexico

Josh McGovern - Studio - San Marcos, Texas

Michael Impson - Enchanted Rock, Texas

Jon Christian Buclaw - Alien - Albuquerque, New Mexico

Fisherman - San Diego, California

Mountain Sheep - Random Fourteener, Colorado

Orphanage - Santiago, Chile

David Lawrence Heisler - Photographer - Los Angeles

Lillie - My Garden - San Marcos, Texas

Beverly Gannon - Hali'imaile General Store - Maui


Kid Tending His Cocaine Crop - Young's Region - Bolivia

Donato Salviti - Forensic Class - Texas State University

Christopher - Studio - San Marcos

Random Dragon Fly - San Marcos, Texas

Troy Kimmel Weather - KEYE-42, CBS - Austin, Texas

Hunter Esmiol - Studio - San Marcos, Texas

Michael Impson - Enchanted Rock, Texas

Nick Stiler - San Marcos, Texas

Alexey Dillon - Cattle Drive - Wyoming

Northern Flicker - Downie Ranch - Sanderson, Texas