Burned Forest in Snow - Yellowstone National Park - Wyoming

Lightning - Pandale, Texas

The Chisos - from Old Ore Road - Big Bend National Park, Texas

Fog Soon - Mendocino, California

The Pacific - Mendocino, California

The Pacific - Mendocino, California

Francis Ford Coppola Winery - Geyserville, California

Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco, California

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Monarch Butterfly Stop - Gries Ranch - Pandale, Texas

Upstate New York - Red Hook, New York

Waterfall - Western New York State

Salmon Fishing - Elk, California

Fresian Breeding Farm - Western New York State

Long Horn Cattle - Kidd Ranch - Pandale, Texas 

Fall Colors - Western New York State

Torres Del Payne Parque Nacional - Chile

Torres Del Payne Parque Nacional - Chile

Torres Del Payne Parque Nacional - Chile

 Moss Garden - Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

The Big Island from Haleakala - Maui, Hawaii

Forgotten Harvest - Upstate New York

Windmill - Near the Salton Sea, California

Flats Fishing - Key West, Florida

Llama - Southern Chile 

Rainbow - Olympic National Park, Washington

The Chisos and Rio Grand River - Big Bend National Park, Texas

Pumpjack - Luling, Texas

Fern - Olympic National Park, Washington

Waterfall - Colorado

Waterfall - Prince William Sound, Alaska

Jack and Jill - Kentucky

Old Stove - Sanderson, Texas

Cactus Blossom - Big Bend Ranch State Park, Texas

Davis Mountains - near Marfa, Texas

Vintage Sign - Pecos Highway, West Texas

Trees in Snow - North Holland

Iguana - Cancun, Mexico

Threes - Yosemite, California

Mt. Rainier - Washington

White Sands National Monument - Alamogordo, New Mexico

Yuba River - California

The Dolomites - Northern Italy

Boat - Venice, Italy

Starry Starry Night - Upstate New York

Apples - Red Hook, New York

Forest - Red Hook, New York

Hibiscus - Hilo, Hawaii

Sunset - The Red Mill, Pandale, Texas

Sunset - Island of Ischia, Italy

Apples - Sicily, Italy

Merika - Washington Monument, DC

Waimea Canyon - Kauai, Hawaii

National Nude Day - Big Bend National Park

Indian Paint Brush - Colorado Rockies

Columbine - Colorado Rockies

Day Hike - Colorado Rockies

Meadow - Colorado Rockies

Balmorhea Windmill - West Texas

Llama - High Andes, Chile

The Salton Sea - California

Picking Coca Leaves for Cocaine Production - Bolivia

Walking home from School with a Bag of Coca Leaves - Bolivia

Chulpa - Inca Adobe Burial Structure - The Alti Plano, Bolivia

Descending into the Jungle - Bolivia 

Coca Cultivation - as far as you can see - Yungas Region, Bolivia

Big Sur - California

Forest Fire Sunset - PCH - Oregon

Lake Michigan Beach - Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park, Michigan

Petroglyphs - Devil's River State Natural Area, Texas 

Devil's River State Natural Area, Texas

Devil's River State Natural Area, Texas

Me, myself and I - with Juan Yota - Big Bend National Park

Grapes - Tuscany, Italy

Yellow Crowned Night Heron - San Marcos River , Texas

RioVista Falls - San Marcos River, Texas

Duck on the Windmill Sunrise - San Marcos, Texas

Well's Gray Provincial Park - British Columbia, Canada

The Window - Big Bend National Park, Texas

Grand Canyon - Arizona

The Amazon River - Amazonia, Brazil

The Amazon River - Amazonia, Brazil

Praying Mantis - Guam

Sunset - Tumon Bay - Guam

Sunset - Guam

T-Rex in Trash Can - Guam

Tumon Bay - Guam 

Windmill - vacant road in Ohio

Windmill - The Netherlands

Yosemite Falls - Yosemite National Park, California

Endless - Ft. Davis, Texas

Bison Keeping Warm - Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Caballos - Punta Arenas, Chile

Torres Del Paine Parque Nacional - Patagonia, Chile

Almost - Big Island, Hawaii

Keck - Mauna Kea, Hawaii

Thou Art Jesus - Italy

Ruin - Central Sicily, Italy

Central Sicily, Italy

Saint Peter's Guard - Rome, Italy

Saint Peter's Cathedral - Rome Italy

More Shark Fin Soup - Elite Chinese Belief for Restorative Properties, Combating Age and Disease. Isla Mujesar, Mexico

Cape of Good Hope - South Africa

Cape of Good Hope - South Africa

Children's Graveyard - Waina Potosi - Bolivia

My Windmill - Winter Storm of 2021 - One Degree F - San Marcos, Texas

Amsterdam - New Years Eve - The Netherlands

Ho'okipa, Maui, Hawaii

Amazon River - Amazonia, Brazil

Crater Lake - Oregon

Crater Lake - Oregon

Cactus - Kidd Ranch - ValVerde Co. Texas

Prickly Pear - Gries Ranch - ValVerde Co. Texas

Texas Independence Parade - Congress Ave. - Austin, Texas

Medina River - Bandera, Texas

Ranch Christmas - Gries Ranch - ValVerde Co. Texas

Beach at Cape of Good Hope - South Africa

Adobe Church - Taos, New Mexico

Grand Canyon - Arizona

Needles Point - Canyons Lands, Utah

Waterfall - Redwood zForest, Albion, California

Radiant Sunset, "Sun Pillar"- Albion, California

David Heisler grilling Abalone - Albion, California

If This is Not a Landscape, I Don't Know What is - Albion, California

Infrared Water Garden - Santa Fe, New Mexico

Western Yellowstone

Western Yellowstone

Chisos Basic Road - Sunrise - Big Bend National Park

Western Big Bend National Park

Kilauea Highway - Big Island, Hawaii

Denali Highway - Trout Dinner - Alaska

Denali Highway - Trout Dinner - Alaska

Swan Song - Nest - Near Copper River, Alaska

Alex Dillon - Fly Fishing - Near Copper River, Alaska

Nepali Coast Hike - Kauai, Hawaii

Fall Colors - Wyoming

Fall Sky - Wyoming

Yard Art - Wyoming

Bridger-Teton National Forest - Jackson, Wyoming

Near Maria, Texas

Terlingua Ranch, Texas

White Sands National Monument - New Mexico

Salmon Fishing - Mendocino, California

Great Smoky Mountains

Great Smoky Mountain

Great Smoky Mountains

UT Campus - Downtown, Austin, Texas

San Marcos River - San Marcos, Texas

Tree - North Holland

Lone Tree - North Holland

Red Mill - Pandale, Texas

The Roasting of Beeves - Pandale, Texas

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